Communicating Spiritually and Interculturally

CSI is a student club that brings together students who are interested in learning, experiencing, and socializing with like-minded individuals who desire to increase their awareness of self, others and the world particularly in relations to the studies of Spirituality and Intercultural Communications. Please contact Melody Adejare, 2018-19 CSI President at or Mary Fong, CSI Advisor at if you have any questions and/or interests in joining CSI.   


Dr. Mary Fong Publishes New Book!

Dr. Mary Fong Book Cover
Professor Mary Fong and Karl’s “Two Heart Nuts to Crack!” is the first memoir of Mary Fong’s Magnificent Mess trilogy. The book takes the audience on a journey throughout Mary’s first memories, including growing up in Los Angeles as the daughter to Chinese American immigrants. Mary Fong’s...