Video Lab

The Video Lab is a great resource for students in the Department of Communication Studies. As a focal point for media production courses offered at CSUSB, the video lab offers a multi-camera studio, five editing bays and a range of cutting edge field production equipment. The video lab is a place were students become informed and skilled practitioners in digital production techniques and industry standards. Learn more...

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(909) 537-3526

Lab hours:

These may change from quarter-to-quarter. Posted on the lab page...

About the lab:

Welcome to the Communication Studies Department’s Video Production Lab. We are located in the basement of University hall (UH-013).The video lab is the hub for the media production courses offered at CSUSB. Students get hands-on, practical, experience with state of the art video production equipment. The lab features a multi-camera studio, 5  self-contained editing bays, and an assortment of field production equipment including cameras, lights, microphones, tripods etc. The goal of the  video lab is to help students become multi-skilled practitioners with competence in a range of digital production techniques to industry standards and able to work successfully either independently or as a team.

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The video lab is open to all students every weekday. Spaces can be reserved in advance.