Advising holds

As soon as native students (those who have attended CSUSB from the freshman year) declare English as their major, they will be required to obtain advising from the English Department through a registration hold. Another hold is placed on their registration when they have taken 55 units of coursework. For transfer students, this requirement will take effect as soon as they are admitted.

Help with advising

  • Students should bring a copy of their PAWS report to any advising session during the quarter. Most advising for undergraduate English majors can be done on a “walk-in” basis.
  • Check the list of faculty advisers posted on this page and on the bulletin board outside the department office (UH 334).
  • Advising is also available from the College of Arts and Letters Adviser, Sara DeMoss and CAL Peer Advisers.

Advising During Summer 2018

For Advising during Summer 2018, please contact the English Department Office at (909) 537-5824