Alumni Profiles

Amanda Baker (B.A. 2015)
Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Army
Amanda Baker was torn between two passions:  a love for journalism and her dream of serving in the armed forces. After graduating with her B.A. in English (Literature Track), she...

John Neiuber (B.A. 1977)
CEO, Trinity Youth Services

“An English major will open doors that you never thought possible,” says John Neiuber, knowingly.  
John is the CEO of Trinity Youth Services, a nonprofit...

Jessica Lee (B.A. 2011, M.A. 2013)
Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Principal Financial Group
Jessica Lee tracks geopolitical events and cyber criminals.
She works as a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst for Principal...

Mischa Tacchia (B.A. 2006, M.P.A. 2013)
English Teacher, Indian Springs High School
Mischa Tacchia became a high school English teacher because he loves the subject matter.  “I have a passion...

Catherine Perez (B.A. 2011)
Attorney, District Attorney’s Office, Buncombe County, North Carolina

As a state prosecutor for a North Carolina district attorney’s office, Catherine Perez creates positive social change at the...

Candace Loya (B.A. 2003)
Community Content Manager, Esri

The English major “taught me to be an excellent storyteller,” says Candace Loya.

And as the Community Content...

Dr. Tracy Vaughn-Manley (B.A. 1995)
Associate Professor of African American Literature, Northwestern University
“I would not be here if not for this institution,” says Dr. Tracy...

Sarah Sikora (B.A. 2018)
Marketing Intern, Cosmetics and Fashion, New York

It can be stressful not knowing what you’ll do after graduation.  That’s why during the summer before her senior year Sarah Sikora got herself...

Kim Hunsaker (B.A. 1997, M.P.A. 2015)
Special Projects Liaison, CSUSB Student Health Center
Kim Hunsaker thought she would be a teacher.  But after earning her B.A. in English, she ended up staying...

Adele Hutchinson (B.A. 2007)
Permissions Manager, American Psychological Association
“I knew I wanted to work in the publishing industry,” says Adele Hutchison, “because I love to read so much.” Since graduating...

Andrea “Nikki” Harlin, (B.A. 2014, M.F.A. 2016)
Field Representative, Congressman Pete Aguilar District Office
Andrea (“Nikki”) Harlin works for an elected official 
She is a field representative for the...

Alanna Trejo (B.A. 2007)
Presidential Aide, California State University Channel Islands

Alanna Trejo didn’t start out as an English major.

She began at CSUSB in psychology...

Sara Gerber (B.A. 2009, M.F.A. 2011)
Human Resources Business Partner, Monster Energy

In a given week, Sara Gerber might write a creative product description, run a job fair, present a talk on company branding, discuss...

Jessica Williams  (B.A. 2014)
Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Student
Jessica Williams knows about language centers in the brain, vocal tract anatomy, and treatments for language disorders in children...

Victoria Porraz (B.A. 2001)
English Teacher, Granite Hills High School
“When we get to do literature, that’s when I’m on fire,” says Victoria Porraz.
Victoria is an English teacher at...