Mission & Goals

The Department of English at California State University, San Bernardino is a vibrant community of teachers, scholars, writers, and support staff committed to the interdisciplinary exploration and development of English Studies. Our mission is to provide students with a contextualized understanding of the aesthetic, discursive, persuasive, and performative aspects of texts and language. In keeping with the traditional values of a liberal education in the humanities, we aspire to educate the whole person, and in so doing, to cultivate students’ capacities for critical, creative, supple, and reflective reading, thinking, research, and writing. Our undergraduate and graduate courses integrate four distinct approaches to English Studies that are rarely united in English programs: literary studies, creative writing, linguistics, and composition/literacy studies. Students who graduate from our programs will find themselves well-prepared to assess and meet the demands of the workplace and to take on the responsibilities of civic and community engagement. They will be attuned to the values of self-reflection, empathetic connection, and aesthetic appreciation so central to building rich, meaningful lives and to becoming transformative agents in the world.