Current Productions

CSUSB 2018-2019 Concert Season

Spring 2019

4/23 Tuesday 12 Noon $2 Music Tuesday
5/3 Friday 7:30pm Faculty Student Opera
5/4 Saturday 7:30pm Faculty Student Opera
5/7 Tuesday 7:30pm Jazz Combo
5/14 Tuesday7:30pm Vocal Jazz
5/16 Thursday 7:30pm  Faculty & Student Showcase
5/17 Friday 7:30pm CMS Showcase
 5/19 Sunday 4:00 PM Piano Day  
5/20 Monday 7:30 Dr. Music Showcase: Jessica Maxfield Master Class
5/22 Wednesday 7:30pm Jazz Band
5/23 Thursday 7:30pm Percussion Studio Night
6/3 Monday 7:30 PM Electronic Music Concert 
6/5 Wednesday 7:30 PM Symphonic Band Concert
6/6 Thursday Noon Music Major Recital: FREE
6/6 Thursday 7:30pm Orchestra Concert
6/7 Friday 7:30pm Choir Concert
6/9 Sunday 4:00pm Chamber: Strings & Piano
6/10 Monday  7:30 PM Chamber: Woodwinds, Brass, Guitar

The CSUSB Music Department proudly presents the 2019 Spring Faculty and Student Showcase. Join the CSUSB Music Faculty and Students along with fellow alumni, community players and music connoisseurs alike for an evening of creative collaboration.  Faculty and students will showcase their talents cumulating in a variety of works to be performed. Get your tickets now; one showing only!
MAY 16, 2019
7:30 PM
Or the Music Box Office
Music Box Office Hours: 1:00-4:00 PM, Monday-Friday