The Department of Music Office Hours

Fall 2019

First Name Last Name Phone Title Dept Buld Room Email Office Hours
Lesley Leighton 75467 Assistant Profes Music PA 207 MF 2:30-4:30pm
Nicholas Bratcher 75863 Assistant Profes Music PA 209 MW 10-12
Stacey Fraser 75866 Interim Chair Music PA 113 MWF 1-2pm
Stuart Green 75865 Lecturer Music CH 102A T 5-7pm
Bradley Hampton 73773 Lecturer Music PA 203 MR 6-6:30pm
Wen-Ting Huang 75859 Lecturer Music PA 131 T 11-11:30am; R 1:30-2pm
Todd Johnson 75483 Professor Music PA 119 M 3-5pm; F 11:45am-1:30pm
Robert Knop 74433 Professor Music PA 221 TR 2-4pm
Lucy Lewis 75085 Assistant Profes Music PA 217 TR 2-4pm
Edgar Melendez 75463 Lecturer Music PA 214 TR 3-5pm;  by appointment 
James Radomski   Professor Music PA 213 MW 10:30-11:30am
Kristopher Sveen 75865 Lecturer Music CH 102 R 12n-4pm
Scott Vance 77342 Lecturer Music PA 127A by appointment
Margaret  Worsley 75457 Lecturer Music PA 124 T 9-10pm
Kirsten Wiest 75861 Lecturer Music PA 213 MWF 11-11:50am
Kevin Zhang 75861 Lecturer Music PA 213 TR 11am-12n
Esther Chu 75457 Lecturer Music PA 124 T 2-3pm