Name Role Department Campus Email Telephone
Brian Heisterkamp Program Director Communication CSUSB 909-537-7665
Reyna Rodarte Transfer Outreach Coordinator College of Arts and Letters CSUSB 909-537-4383
Marlena Brown Administrative  Assistant College of Arts and Letters CSUSB 909-537-4383
Matthew Poole Chair Art CSUSB 909-537-5808
Mandi Batalo Activities Director Art SBVC 909-384-8937
Andrew Oakes Faculty Art CSUSB 909-537-3900
Rueyling Chuang Interim Dean Arts & Letters CSUSB 909-537-5800
Sarai Maldonado Interim Director Career Center CSUSB 909-537-3682
Christina Rodriguez Internship Coordinator Career Center CSUSB 909-537-3615
Rebecca Eddy Evaluator Cobblestone Evaluation
Rob Metts Faculty Communication Studies CSUSB 909-537-7663
Mike Wichman Faculty Communication Studies CSUSB 909-537-5419
Bradford Owen Chair Communication Studies CSUSB 909-537-7379
Roger Powell Faculty Computer Science SBVC 909-384-8910
Brady Kerr Activities Director Music Norco
Yunfei Hou Faculty Computer Science & Engineering CSUSB 909-537-3608
Haiyan Qiao Chair Computer Science & Engineering CSUSB 909-537-5326
Qingquan Sun Faculty Computer Science & Engineering CSUSB 909-537-7437
Stacey Fraiser Chair Music CSUSB 909-537-5866
Kim Kamerin Faculty Music Norco 951-738-7703
Scott Vance Faculty Music CSUSB 909-537-7342
Bradley Hampton Faculty Music CSUSB 909-537-3773
Stephanie Podein Grant Administrator Sponsored Programs CSUSB 909-537-3921
Kay Weiss Dean Arts and Humanities SBVC 909-384-8535
Stephanie Briggs Dean Math, Business, and Computer Technology SBVC
Reginald Metu Faculty/Chair Computer Information Technology SBVC