2019 Outstanding Students

The Outstanding students for the Department of World Languages and Literatures were recognized on June 3, 2019.  Congratulations to Lisbeth Rosales, WLL  Outstanding Graduate Student; Shaina Lumpkin, WLL Outstanding Undergraduate; and Brenda Gillman, Department Commencement Speaker.

2019 Outstanding WLL Students

Back, left to right: Dr. Carmen Jany, Dr. Liz Martin, Shaina Lumpkin, Lisbeth Rosales, Brenda Gillman, Dr. Rafael Correa
Front: Thomas McGovern, Interim Department Chair

Outstanding Graduate Student

Lisbeth Rosales

McGovern, Rosales, and Correa

"Lisbeth is a highly intelligent, perceptive, and committed individual," Dr. Rafael Correa, stated in his nomination. "In graduate studies, she continued the good habits that earned her a Summa Cum Laude as an undergraduate. She has developed an innovative and promising study of oral storytellers in the region she grew up in Guatemala, Central America. Locally, she is tracing the oral tradition in a field not studied before in her country; she has received great support from local academic and civil authorities interested in this particular expression of the local culture. The implications of this type of work are many, including a linguistic exploration of the Maya language of the region as well as the influence of orality on contemporary Guatemalan literary narrative. As she prepares to apply for admission into a Ph.D. program in Southern California, Lisbeth will continue to make this undertaking one of her top priorities of her academic life.
Lisbeth has been very involved serving the department and the college as an Instructional Student Assistant in several Upper Division courses and also as a Teacher of Record for Basic Spanish Language levels 101, 102. Class visitors and students alike give her outstanding marks for both subject matter knowledge, classroom management, and concern for students.

She continues to be a role model for many students in the department as she gains classroom experience and contributes to the cultural life the department offers the university and area communities through its many annual activities."

Outstanding Undergraduate

Shaina Lumpkin

Martina and Lumpkin
Shaina Lumpkin, a French major in the French and Francophone Studies track and Spanish minor, is described by Dr. Liz Martin as, “A truly extraordinary student in French, Shaina studied a year in Montreal through the CSU International Programs (AY 2017-18). Although we normally send our French students to France, Shaina wanted to do something different so that she could offer a wider perspective on French and Francophone cultures to her future students. She sought out every opportunity to immerse herself in the French language and local culture in Montreal, taking all her courses in French through the French Department at Concordia University, living in the French side of town with native French speakers as her roommates (one from Quebec, the other from France), and conducting her daily activities (e.g., shopping, socializing, etc.) in French. She came back a near-native speaker of the language and extremely knowledgeable about Québécois society. She essentially turned an English-language study abroad program into a French one.

I have rarely seen this level of commitment in a student studying abroad.

Shaina plans to pursue a career as a high school French teacher and was selected in 2018 to participate in the CLTA/CWLP Summer Seminar for Language Teachers held annually at UC Santa Barbara. She took full advantage of this opportunity and looks forward to applying the skills she acquired in the classroom.
Although not required for the French and Francophone Studies track, Shaina completed both FLAN 312 and FREN 500 (with flying colors) before graduating in preparation for her career in teaching. She also earned her Certificate in French/English Translation.”

Department Commencement Speaker

Brenda Gillman

McGovern, Gillman, and Correa
As described by Dr. Rafael Correa who nominated her for this recognition,

Brenda Gillman is truly an outstanding student with a GPA of 3.992.

He went on to add, "She has been in the Dean’s list continuously since coming to CSUSB. She served as a Teacher’s Assistant, while at the same time volunteering to tutor two foreign students learning Spanish. She received the Inland Empire Foreign Language Association and the Center for the Advancement of Second Language Acquisition Awards. In 2018, Brenda volunteered as a translator for the LEAD Conference, sponsored by the College of Education. She was nominated and initiated into the CSUSB Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, The National Collegiate Spanish Honor Society and became its current president for 2018-2019 academic year. In summer 2018, Brenda was invited to attend the Annual Summer Seminar for Language Teachers sponsored by the California Language Teacher Association held at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
A returning student and single mother, Brenda has continued to attend workshops and seminars that “assist me in my path to the foreign language classroom.” To that effect, she has been a member of the Graduate Research Office’s Peer Lab Facilitator Program, where students attend a particular class and then hold office hours in order to assist/tutor students. She also maintains contact with the community college she attended, RCC-Norco, to mentor and recruit students for CSUSB.  Brenda also has a personal project that involves collecting clothes and toys for children in a small village in Mexico so that she “can put a smile on the faces of so many vulnerable children.” Overall, she says, her university experience at CSUSB has been very happy and rewarding. Brenda expects to remain here in order to complete an M.A. degree in Spanish in the Department of World Languages and Literatures.”