Los Amigos Spanish Club

Los Amigos Spanish Club is a student run organization that provides all CSUSB students with a common interest in Spanish Language and Culture. We are dedicated to furthering the student’s understanding of Hispanic and Latin American cultures through various activities on campus.

By joining Los Amigos Spanish Club students will:

  • Celebrate Hispanic Culture all year through different events such as “Day of the Dead”, “Día Latino” and “Cinco de Mayo” not to mention many other activities in which we collaborate with other CSUSB organizations.
  • In the Spanish Club students will be able to practice the Spanish language and meet many friends! 
  • Everyone is welcome to join Los Amigos Spanish Club! 

Logo for Los Amigos club

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Club Activities for 2016-2017

Check out the Photo Gallery for memories from the many Club Activities.

  1. Salida Cultural (cultural outing) to the Bower Museum – Students and members of Los Amigos were able to see the exhibit on photos of Frida Kahlo and kearn about her life and art.
  2. Salida Cultural (cultural outing) to LACMA - Students and members of Los Amigos were able to see the exhibit on the friendship and influence between Diego Rivera and Pablo Picasso.
  3. Salida Cultural (cultural outing) to MOOLA – Students and members of Los Amigos were able to experience a taste of Colombian food for lunch and then were able to see the exhibits they had and do some research on Cuban art and José Guadalupe Posada illustrations.
  4. Día de los Muertos- Los Amigos was invited to participate in the celebration of the day of the dead by ALFSS and had tables with cultural activities, games and an altar.
  5. A Night of Ice Skating- Los Amigos invited students to meet fellow classmates and members of Los Amigos while enjoying an evening of ice skating. Open to everyone.
  6. Latino Night Andres de Cali Salsa Band - Co-Sponsored by The department of World Languages and Literatures, Diversity Committee, Cross Cultural Center, Intellectual Life Fund, World languages and Literature, and Academic and International SMSU Event Center. November 16th, 2016.
  7. Día Latino – A celebration of the Latino culture through music, food, and information on the diversity that each Latin American country has within their own country. This is a Departmental Tradition where every Spanish class participates with a table representing a specific country. The students exhibit their culture and food. The Chair and the President Morales always come to this event.
  8. Latin X Night – Los Amigos was invited to participate in joining other Hispanic/Latino clubs, fraternities, and sororities to conduct some outreach to fellow classmates.
  9. International Market Night – Los Amigos was invited to participate in representing the Hispanic/Latino culture at 2nd annual International Market Night in November.
  10. La Mar Enfortuna - a prominent Sephardic musical group from Mexico was invited by Los amigos for an intimate and amazing concert in the library open to everyone.
  11. Guest speaker: Donald’s Trump Wet Dream: The Frontera Tech Noir Landscape of Alex Rivera’s Sleep Dealer (2008) a public lecture with Felipe Quetzalcoatl Quintanilla. Professor of Franklin & Marshall College, Pennsylvania. Panorama Room Lower Commons. October 6th 2016.
  12. Cinco de Mayo celebration at Arroyo Elementary School in Redlands.
  13. Food donation to the DEN in November - Members of Los Amigos donated non-perishable food to the DEN in their annual food drive.