Arabic Games

Game Description
Arabian Sinbad Flashcards
Arabic Sinbad Flashcards
The flashcards are a great tool to engage anyone in a solitary or group setting. They include Arabic words, translations and transliterations on the back of each card, where learning has never been so much fun. 
Arabian Sinbad Puzzle
Arabic Sinbad Puzzle
The puzzle features the Arabic alphabet along with vocabulary featured in Arabian Sinbad. Put the letters of the Arabic alphabet in order to discover the picture. Don't be puzzled!
Arabic Flashcards #1
Arabic Flashcards 1
60 Flashcards that will help you practice vocabulary words in Arabic.
Arabic Flashcards #2
Arabic Flashcards 2

60 Flashcards that will help you practice vocabulary words in Arabic.
Arabic in a Flash V.1
Arabic Flashcards Volume 1
448 Arabic flashcards with 1,792 related words and phrases. Romanizes forms and English meanings, a sample sentence in Arabic with English translation shows how the main word is used.
Traditional bingo has a new digital twist! The free bingo caller’s app transforms link4fun picture recognition bingo games by digitally calling out bingo words so kids can play independently or in a Group. Play in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German or Russian for a language learning experience! The game contents include: 36 Bingo player cards, Caller Mat, 50 Calling Cards, Bingo Chips and Instruction sheet.
Arabic Alphabetic Flashcards
Arabic Alphabet Flashcards
Arabic Scrabble
Play with friends to see who can get the most points. A fun and interactive way to study and memorize words in Arabic. Make words that will be challenging for your opponent to gain the upper hand and make sure you win!