Chinese Games

Game Description
Traditional bingo has a new digital twist! The free bingo caller’s app transforms link4fun picture recognition bingo games by digitally calling out bingo words so kids can play independently or in a Group. Play in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German or Russian for a language learning experience! The game contents include: 36 Bingo player cards, Caller Mat, 50 Calling Cards, Bingo Chips and Instruction sheet.
Chinese Chess
Chinese Chess
A complicated yet rewarding game that will challenge you to think about each move you make. Each piece plays its own part and use them wisely to defeat the king of the opponent. Build your strategy and always thing ahead of the opponent and do not falter, for that may cost you the game.
Go Board Game
Go is a two-player game that requires much strategy in order to defeat your opponent. Each opponent will choose have a set amount of beads, both white and black, where the object of the game is to control more of the board than your opponent does. Be careful, one wrong move and the game could be over. Make your decisions wisely and have fun!
Let’s Learn Mandarin Chinese
Let's Learn Mandarin
These flash cards are designed to give you a visual aid to help remember the words at a faster pace. Not just by hearing the words, but they also have the translation on the back in case you forget the meaning of the word. As well as having the pronunciations to better your speaking abilities of the language.