Frequently Asked Questions

There might be! You already know many of the professors in the graduate program. Whether you know it or not, many of your professors from your undergraduate classes also teach at the graduate level. The institutional knowledge, personal interaction and the routines of your department are already elements you know and are familiar with. Be sure to consider all options and talk with your advisors early to answer any questions you may have.

It is never too early to think about grad school. Keep up your GPA. Work hard in your studies and learn your learning style, likes and preferences in your field of study. Also be an engaged member of your community and your campus. As you get about a year out from graduation begin looking at the application, begin assembling your recommendation letters, and developing your personal statement. 

You will apply through the office of graduate studies. You'll need recommendations, a personal statement and other items listed in the application. Learn more...

The GTA program gives students the opportunity to teach in the classroom while pursuing their own studies. We take pride in the extensive training of our Graduate Teaching Associates. We have a robust GTA program, with around a dozen graduate students currently teaching as part of their graduate studies in the Department of Communication. It is a separate application process in addition to admissions and you must be a graduate student to be eligible to be considered.

Yes, the Graduate School requires that all graduate students meet the Graduate Writing Requirement. Please refer to Graduate Studies handbook for additional information.

We do not have any tuition waivers; however we do have teaching assistantships available in which graduate students teach the basic public speaking undergraduate course. The stipend is small but the program is designed to give experience to those interested in pursuing a career in teaching. To be considered for the TA-ship, graduate students must be accepted or active in the program, be in good standing, have met the 24 units in Communication requirement, and submit an application to the TA Coordinator by early May. Contact the TA Coordinator or Graduate Coordinator for the annual specific date. 
To apply, submit a vita/resume and a one page statement of interest to the TA Coordinator. For financial assistance please refer to Cal State Apply or check Financial Aid Office

The graduate committee and/or coordinator will continuecollecting material to complete applications and will continue reviewing them as long as the program is not full. When acceptance letters are mailed out, we request that people RSVP to the program. If we do not hear back or students state they will not be joining the program, we continue to review completed applications until all the spots fill. Currently we accept 10-15 students per track per year.

You may continue to re-take the TOEFL score and re-apply to the program.

We accept applicants with GPAs that are 2.5-2.99 on probationary basis and give them a year to take upper division communication classes to demonstrate their interest and abilities in the discipline. If they succeed in raising their GPA (either cumulative or last 90 units) to 3.0 by the end of that year, then we allow them to start the graduate program the next fall quarter.

There is a graduate handbook, updated for each academic year, available in our graduate "forms" page. This is a very useful detailed resource for people wishing to learn more.