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These are quick summaries. For further information, inquire at the Department Office (UH 235).

Support and Study

  • NEW!  The University of New Orleans Writing Workshops Abroad invites undergraduate and graduate students nationwide to apply for a summer of scholarship and cultural activities in Cork, Ireland.
    Courses are available in Literature, Philosophy & Film  plus additional options in every genre of Creative Writing. For a full list of course offerings, please visit thecourses page.  The faculty is comprised of some of the best creative minds from universities in both the United States and Ireland. And this year we will enjoy more full weekends with planned excursions and/or independent travel time.
    Our students and faculty are what make this experience truly rewarding. Please take time to check out these past participant testimonials:

    Cork, Ireland 2019 details:

    Dates: July 2-August 3, 2019
    Cost: $5,095 for guest students which includes tuition for six credits, housing, meals on class days, study abroad insurance, and other events. And don’t forget to check out our scholarships page for funding opportunities.

  • Buddhist Study Abroad.
    Carleton Colege sponsors a semester program of Buddhist studies (and meditation) in Bodh Gaya India. It's expensive but cool.
  • Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program.
    The CSU Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program provides loans to support doctoral studies. These loans are gradually "forgiven" if the receipient goes on to teach full-time in the CSU.
  • CSUSB Office of Student Research: Faculty/Student Grant.
    The faculty/Student grant supports joint faculty/student research.
  • CSUSB Office of Student Research: Student Grant.
    The Office of Student Research Student Grant funds research beyond the classroom.
    (items with deadlines past for this year, but something to think about)
  • American Philosophical Association: Summer Institutes.
    The APA sponsers a number of summer undergraduate diversity institutes in philosophy. These are a great opportunity and free to accepted students.
  • Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy
    The university of Colorado, Boulder summer seminar in philosophy is intended for outstanding undergraduates who are considering graduate school in philosophy.
  • Carnegie-Mellon University: Summer School in Logic and Formal Epistemology
    The Summer School in Logic and Formal Epistemology cool. A pair of CSUSB students attended summer 2016.
  • Munich Center For Mathematical Philosophy: Summer School for Female Students
    The Summer School in Mathematial Philosophy for Female Students is held in Munich Germany. A CSUSB student attended summer 2016.
  • CSUSB Office of Student Research: Student Research and Travel.
    The CSUSB Office of Student Research suppports . Application deadlines are distributed over the year. In addition there is an online application.
  • CSUSB Office of Student Research: Pre-Doctoral Program.
    The  provides financial assistance for students interested in exploring and preparing for a doctoral program.

Undergraduate Publication and Conferences

The Mudd Undergraduate Conference in Ethics is March 16-17, 2019. Submission deadline is December 31, 2018
  • Student Philosophy Conference
    The Georgia State Student Philosophy Symposium is February 22, 2019. 
  • Undergraduate Philosophy Conference
    The Pacific University Philosophy Conference is April 5-6, 2019. Deadline for paper submission is 2/1/2019. 
  • Undergraduate Philosophy Journal
    The Mudd Journal of Ethics is dedicated to the study of ethical issues. 
  • CSUSB Student Research Competition
    The date of the 2019 CSUSB Student Research Competition has not yet been announced.
  • Essay Contest
    The Elie Wiesel Foundation sponsors an essay contest which "challenges college students to analyze the urgent ethical issues confronting them in today's complex world." There are cash prizes. The deadline for submissions is December 14, 2018.
  • Stance, call for papers
    The undergraduate philosophy journal Ball State Stance welcomes papers concering any philosophical topic.

Graduate Study