World Languages and Literatures

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2018 Outstanding Students

Group photo of the 2018 Outstanding Undergraduate students

The Department's Outstanding students were recognized at a Department Meeting on Monday, June 4, 2018. (left to right) back row: Dr. Elizabeth Martin, Melissa Dickerson, Estefani Vázquez, Robert Charles Sims III, Dr. Oraib Mango; front row: Professor Thomas McGovern.

Degree in “Foreign Languages, Literature, and Linguistics" Equals Job?

Forbes recently revealed, "The major with the fewest underemployed graduates, according to the report, was “Foreign Languages, Literature, and Linguistics."

In other words, for every cliché of a barista or bartender with a liberal arts degree, there were ten with a degree in business."

Grad cap decorated in French stating Impossible is not French

Outstanding Graduate Student: Angélica Bañuelos


Angelica Banuelos
Angelica Banuelos has a natural literary curiosity, is ambitious in the tasks she undertakes and is always successful in completing them. She is quite apt in her research skills and goes well beyond what is required of a graduate student and has always demonstrated an honest and sincere interaction with her professors and her fellow students.  Angélica’s strengths are reliability, initiative, dedication and integrity.  She has presented her research at the Tradición y Globalización Latin American International Conference in Cuernavaca, México in August 2016. Ms. Bañuelos is always willing to help her fellow students.

Outstanding Undergraduate in Arabic: Robert Charles Sims III

Robert Sims III
When pondering about a new language to begin studying, Robert "Trey" Charles Sims III found himself tutoring two Iraqi boys who recently immigrated to the US and did not speak any English. Then, he decided to take his first class of Arabic at Riverside City College and he continued his Arabic studies when he transferred here to Cal-State San Bernardino in the fall of 2016. Learning about Arabic language and culture has opened many opportunities for him to impact his community and the world. He has been assisting Syrian refugee families residing in Southern California. He travels to different countries and provides humanitarian aid. Trey is also developing an Arabic creative arts program in Egypt where he is mentoring numerous youth. Trey’s achievements in learning Arabic have been remarkable; he is on his way to achieve advanced proficiency in Arabic and is utilizing his studies of Arabic language, literature, and culture every day to make a difference in his life and the world around him.

Outstanding Undergraduate in French: Melissa Dickerson

Melissa Dickerson
Having traveled to many countries over the course of her career, Melissa Dickerson is keenly aware of the personal, academic, and professional benefits of embracing other languages and cultures. As a French major at CSUSB, she has taken every French course available, actively promoted our programs, and repeatedly volunteered as a tutor in the Multimedia Language Center. She has a special knack for building morale, motivating and empowering her fellow students, fostering a warm, positive environment in the classroom. Her aspirations and accomplishments epitomize our University's mission, vision and values, as well as the pride and spirit of our undergraduate student population.

Outstanding Undergraduate in Spanish: Estefani Vázquez

Estefani Vazquez
Once dreaming of becoming a professional dancer, Estefani’s passion for Spanish and education has led her to major in Spanish to become a teacher. Her strong dedication, captivating enthusiasm and compassionate nature, as well as her continued and extensive involvement in campus and community events has earned her great recognition among faculty and students alike. Already a leader, Estefani is currently serving as the President for the CSUSB Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, and has been instrumental in participating and supporting events sponsored by the CSUSB Dreamers Resource and Success Center. In fact, she is taking part in the planning and organizing of the Dreamers Graduation Ceremony this year. In addition to her solid contribution to the CSUSB community and beyond, Estefani is a stellar and active scholar who has participated in many workshops, completed a project collaborating with a museum in Spain, and has received several scholarships. She has already been accepted into the graduate program in UCR to earn her MA and teaching credentials and is looking forward to teaching the Spanish language, literature, and culture in the near future. (Photo courtesy of Gloria Posada)

Department Offerings

The Department of World Languages & Literatures (WLL) offers a wide variety of courses in the world languages, including American Sign Language, Arabic, French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. Master's degree is available in Spanish; Bachelor's degrees are available in Arabic, French, and Spanish; minors are available in Arabic, French, Japanese, and Spanish, as well as Asian Studies and Latin American Studies.

Our classes will teach you to understand, speak, read and write the language you are studying. Our courses promote an understanding of world civilizations and an appreciation of their literatures. This background will prepare you for jobs in a variety of professions such as international trade, librarian, interpreter, translator, foreign service officer, foreign trade specialist, diplomacy, intelligence, teaching and law enforcement.

Study of another language truly places the world in your hands: you will be prepared to meet and work with people from other cultures. With the advancement of technology and the global marketplace, study of another language enhances job opportunities for everyone. Be prepared for the world of tomorrow by studying another language today.